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Quantum Medicine: Wave of the Future?

First I want to thank everyone who has signed on to receive the Body Signals Blog.  I haven’t posted one for a while because I wanted to report on the information presented at the World Congress of Quantum Medicine which I attended in Honolulu in October. The theme of the congress was “Mind Over Matter”  […]

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Summer Scourge: DEHYDRATION

Recently I attended the state fair in the blazing sun and heat of Florida. After an hour of walking around and eating funnel cake, I became so fatigued that my legs felt heavier than oak trunks. You would think as a Naturopath I would have realized that I was severely dehydrated. An hour later I […]

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Cortislim Altovis Lipitor Alvamil, Viagra – These drugs and others are all a sign of an increasing trend to deal with the symptoms that can be traced back to one primary cause which is ADRENAL EXHAUSTION. The adrenals are small triangular glands located on top of your kidneys which not only release hormones that affect […]

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