The Book


Body Signals: Your Face Reveals Your HealthDid you ever wish that your body had a dashboard with indicator lights that would flash “Potassium low,” or “Check EFA oil level,” or “Recharge Battery”?

When I was studying for my Naturopathy degree, I learned that, in fact, the body does broadcast subtle signs of imbalance. Problem is, most of us are not tuned into these subtleties and those of us who are, are labeled hypochondriacs! Most often, the subtle signs appear before the acute ones. What we really need is help in interpreting all these “Body Dashboard Signs” and identifying imbalances in the body BEFORE they manifest as extreme symptoms and debilitating diseases.

The information in my book, Body Signals: Your Face Reveals Your Health, will help you identify and interpret the medley of signals appearing on your face – to include the eyes, nose, mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, cheeks, skin, ears, hair and neck.

Our bodies are not programmed to develop disease. Our bodies possess innate wisdom that is apparent to us if we take the time to watch for the signals – Body Dashboard Signals, that is. With the help of the information in my book, you can learn to read the body signals on your face and have more control over your health. Use this self-knowledge to banish disease and disorder from your life and restore your joy for living.

Trust the Wisdom of your body,
of the Life that flows through you.