About the Author

Elizabeth J. Wardrum

Elizabeth J. Wardrum

After graduating from The University of Michigan with a Master of Science degree, Elizabeth Jaksa Wardrum, MS, ND began her career in science teaching biology at Shaker Heights High School in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Classically trained in the scientific method, Wardrum gave little thought to non-physical reality until, in 1972 on the way back to the United Sates after teaching physical science at the International School in Bangkok, Thailand she read Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain. These new insights eventually led to a paradigm shift in her thinking and the Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Trinity School of Natural Health and certification as a natural health professional (CNHP). As a graduate of The Energetix International College of BioEnergetic Medicine, Wardrum received advanced training in computerized meridian stress assessment systems and opened a natural health office in St. Petersburg, Florida. Wardrum is a professional member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants and board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Wardrum co-founded the Go N Glo holistic health study group in St. Petersburg, Florida and the Holistic Health Network in Cleveland, Ohio. Through her public speaking, she educates local groups on a variety of topics related to natural health, self-healing and the future of energy medicine. Wardrum is a PhD candidate at the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (IQUIM) in Hawaii founded by Dr. Paul Drouin, MD.

Beth’s Vision

It is my deeply held belief that in order for each of us to accomplish the divine work which we were sent here to do, our earthy body, the repository of our spirit, must be in the best of health.  Only then will we feel the energy, balance and sense of wholeness that brings us JOY.


I just finished the book “Your Face Reveals Your Health” and I found it to be absolutly fascinating. I had no idea your face (eyes, teeth, hair, neck, etc… ) could be an indicator that organs or systems in your body may need attention. The book is laid out in an easy to read format and perfect for quick reference. I am looking forward to the rest of the books in the series!

Debbie Jones

If you love to learn body signals, Your Face Reveals Your Health is the book to read.  It’s filled with pearls of wisdom.  It makes a great gift for family and friends.  I can’t wait to find a good chiropractor!

Christine B., Cleveland, Ohio

It was a pleasure being in your audience! I learned a lot from your presentation (” Your Face is Your Brand: From Sags and Bags to Glow and Go. Three Strategies for Transformation”).I will be looking for more opportunities to learn from you.

Maia Beatty Trainer, Coach and Author

Beth Wardrum’s Body Signals: Your Face Reveals Your Health will appeal to both professional therapists and truth seekers when it comes to placing all of the puzzling observable details we discover at the surface of our bodies. Mainstream reactions such as “It’s nothing” suddenly turn into “Aha, I knew I wasn’t crazy. My body really does reflect subtle internal changes that I want to understand.”
Dr. Wardrum has a unique cross-cultural view culled from traditions of ancient medicine to share with readers that I found to be a real page-turner. Reading Body Signals empowers anyone who wants to uncover the truth of their own uniqueness. This book is a primer in explaining the relationships between internal organs and emotions and the signs that appear at the body’s surface. Really well done!

Terese Marie Miller, DOM, CCA

Dr. Wardrum’s book, Body signals: Your Face Reveals Your Health provides a unique, comprehensive and effective diagnostic system for exploring the root cause of disease by examining the dynamic relationship between specific facial changes and the expression of conditions. I highly recommend this book as it provides novel and essential tools to enable health.

Christine E. Larsen, M.D

Dr. Wardrum brings together in this book a concise presentation of information that usually goes overlooked, even in the healing professions. Her organization and narrative makes it easy to understand and apply. This book is a valuable resource to anyone who is interested in living a healthy productive life and who wants to help their loved ones do the same.

Vaughn R. Cook, OMD