What are body signals?


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What Are Body Signals
Body Signals are indicators showing on the outside of your body that tell you something is happening on the inside of your body. Your hair, forehead, lips, tongue, eyes, ears, nose and skin all serve as your body’s “dashboard” indicators. Many areas correspond to, or are governed by, an internal organ. They may also correspond to an emotion, vitamin or mineral. Some areas serve as indicators for many different things. The illustration on the right gives some examples of how body signals work. Please note that these are general guidelines.

Select a a body “dashboard” indicator below to learn more about what they might be trying to tell you.

Puffiness between the eyebrows:Gallbladder congestion Need for bio-available sodium
Whitish ring around the iris of the eye:Excess salt in diet
High cholesterol
Red/swollen lower eyelids:Need for vitamin B12
Hair on the chin ( in female):Excessive animal & fatty foods
Need for colon cleanse