Cortislim Altovis Lipitor Alvamil, Viagra – These drugs and others are all a sign of an increasing trend to deal with the symptoms that can be traced back to one primary cause which is ADRENAL EXHAUSTION. The adrenals are small triangular glands located on top of your kidneys which not only release hormones that affect your body’s response to stress, but also influence your body’s metabolism.
What can cause weak or exhausted adrenals? Chronic stress resulting from the demands of work, home & family, health problems, electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, microwaves, and even fluorescent lights can cause the adrenals to increase the output of hormones. A constant level of stress prevents the output of adrenal hormones to fall back to normal levels. this leads to serious imbalances in body metabolism and ultimately to tissue breakdown.
It is crucial to your good health that your adrenals are balanced and in top condition. Why? Adrenals significantly affect:
1. Energy production for daily activities
2. Muscle and tissue growth and repair
3. Bone health
4. Immune system health
5. Endocrine functions
You know if you have weak or exhausted adrenals by checking the following list of symptoms:
lack of energy * difficulty getting up in the morning
weight gain around the middle * salty food cravings
light-headed when standing up quickly * brain fog
mild depression * constipation * food allergies
non-specific joint pain * dark circles under the eyes
dark areas between the eyes * increases PMS * bloating
decreased sex drive * eyes sensitive to bright light
afternoon low between 3-4PM * edema/water retention
feeling of heavy legs * catch cold/flu easily
heels of shoes worn on the outside edges * hot flashes
WHAT TO DO? Consult a holistic health care provider and/or purchase an adrenal support supplement at a health food store. Be sure it contains Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin C. Adrenals burn up vitamin C when you are under stress. If your adrenals are exhausted you may need a glandular supplement (desiccated adrenal gland) to restore the shrunken tissue.

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