Quantum Medicine: Wave of the Future?

First I want to thank everyone who has signed on to receive the Body Signals Blog.  I haven’t posted one for a while because I wanted to report on the information presented at the World Congress of Quantum Medicine which I attended in Honolulu in October.

The theme of the congress was “Mind Over Matter”  and reviewed the research and practice of pioneers dedicated to promoting innovative methods of health evaluation as a way to integrate quantum consciousness into the art of healing.   The old paradigm which has recognized matter as the ground of all being is shifting to the new paradigm – consciousness as the ground of all being.  Even the Cleveland Clinic is acknowledging this new paradigm with the establishment of their new Functional Medicine Institute.

So what does this shift mean? It recognizes that true healing takes place not on the visible physical level of cells and tissues, but actually begins in the unseen realm of consciousness where our beliefs and emotions reside.  Thus “Mind Over Matter” implies that you can change your reality by adopting new thoughts which leads to new choices which leads to new actions and behaviors which leads to new experiences which leads to new feelings and a NEW STATE OF BEING!

Dr. Joe Dispenza demonstrated this principle with his personal story of miraculous healing after being run over by a 4 wheel drive Bronco. He vowed to teach people the scientific model of transformation combining a little quantum physics (the science of possibility) with the latest information in neuroendocrinology, epigenetics, and neuroscience. He joined forces with Dr. Jeffrey Fannin whose cutting-edge research uses EEG technology (brain-mapping)  to accurately measure brain wave energy in patients with head trauma, stroke, chronic pain, ADD, anxiety disorders and depression.  You can read about their research in Dispenza’s book, You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter.

So where’s a good place to start changing beliefs and perceptions?  In May I attended a health and wellness seminar presented by the Cleveland Clinic.  Four MD’s talked about the usual diet-exercise-stress trilogy.  However, their summary statement was, “If you want to stay healthy, meditate.”  I almost fell off my chair!   Guided Meditation is what Dispenza and Fannin used in their before and after research using brain mapping.   In order to effect change on our subconscious level we must enter the alpha or theta brain-wave state.  Nothing does this better than meditation.

So What to do?  1. Make a decision to change a belief or perception you have.  ( Our personal paradigms range from “I am unlovable,” to “Life is a  struggle.”    2. Vow to set aside time every day ( 10 to 15 min)  to get into the quiet zone and let go of your analytical mind.   3. Buy a guided meditation tape to help you get started.  (I am currently converting an alpha brain wave tape into a CD which I used with my clients over the years. You will be able to purchase it on my website.)

More info on the Congress of Quantum Medicine later.

Sending you Healing Vibes,

Dr. Beth



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